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on silence

when a playing child suddenly becomes silent, the outcome is never good.

20130619-021250.jpgthis was found at the scene, with no trace of the missing corners. i have a feeling i might encounter them later in her diaper.

at nearly 11 months old, my baby cannot crawl. she’s almost 22 lbs, so that’s perfectly understandishable. bigger babies often crawl and walk later than their lighter, nimbler peers. so i was fairly certain i could leave her alone with her toys for a few minutes while i took a quick poo.

i always leave the door open when i use the bathroom so i can hear my child and respond quickly in case she yelps out in need. so far, the worst that’s happened was a few days ago when she flipped head-first into a bin filled with stuffed animals. i found this hilarious and adorable. my daughter . . . decidedly less so.

anyway, you can imagine my astonishment when i emerged from the bathroom to find her standing up at the coffee table, happily opening and closing the drawer of a wooden keepsake box, the contents of which (among other things, an envelope that contained her birth certificate originals and Social Security card) were strewn across the floor, along with a crumpled copy of Family Circle magazine (which had been pulled off of a DIFFERENT table), and the subscription card pictured above.

i’m glad that she didn’t get into any more serious mischief than ingesting a little paper! i’m also grateful that the paper she chose to ingest wasn’t important!

lesson learned:  when the cat’s away . . . PACK’N’PLAY.

baby jail.


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