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useful things #1: Hello Kitty duct tape

when i lived at the monastery, people brought me all kinds of interesting gifts. among the stranger things i received (and certainly among my favourites!) was a roll of Hello Kitty duct tape. (i insist on calling it DUCT tape, although this particular roll was made by Duck brand.)

Duct tape can be used for an infinite number of things, not the least of which is constructing prom dresses. Duck brand duct tape comes in a variety of colours and prints. some are cool, and some are ridiculous.

initially, i didn’t really have too much use for it (apart from cutting it into shapes and making little stickers), and it sat in a drawer for a while.

but one day i discovered the BEST use for my Hello Kitty duct tape:


because diaper tabs BREAK, y’all!

it safely secures my daughter’s diaper until the next changing, and doesn’t come off until i take it off. plus it looks cutesy and badass all at once. i can’t think of anything else that would work as well. duct tape is PERFECT.

i can’t afford to throw unused diapers away just because the tab breaks!

has this ever happened to you? what did you do?


4 thoughts on “useful things #1: Hello Kitty duct tape

  1. You’ll need that shit for when she decides to rip off her diaper on her own…. I have heard many stories of mothers literally wrapping the diaper around the baby’s waist with DUCT tape…. albeit, they probably weren’t nearly half as trendy as your HK tape, but it gets the job done….

    • i’m dreading the day she can rip off her own diaper! it’s all i can do to keep her little booty still through each diaper change now!

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