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so far, the topics and posts on this blog have been relatively lighthearted.  this is less of a testament to motherhood having mellowed my temperament than it is a reflection of how little free time i have.

right after my first post about how my baby cannot crawl, she began crawling and cruising all at once!  so as long as she is awake and not strapped into her highchair munching chicken nuggets, she requires my constant attention.  this morning, as i was brushing my teeth, she crawled all the way to the kitchen and started eating one of my shoes.  until now, i only had to worry about her eating her own shoes.

so i really only have time to blog when she’s napping, but when she is, i’m often more inclined to nap myself than to write angry, passionate blog posts about women’s rights, LGBTQIA advocacy, dumb Republicans and marijuana policy.  sometimes, if i’m feeling really industrious, i’ll knock out a few rounds of Bread Kittens before my nap.

anyway, maybe some of you are enjoying these posts in spite of (or perhaps because of) the lack of more heavy-handed fare.  i’m not shallow . . . just tired.  there’s enough stuff out there that gets people all fired-up and angry, and i’m still reading most of it . . . but instead of pontificating about it, i just shake my fist in the air, shout “Curses!” and tend to my kitties bitch-slapping each other before curling up on the couch myself.

i do hope to eventually include some more serious and in-depth pieces that are mommy-related, including my personal tales of nunhood, pregnancy, my would-be natural childbirth that ended in a cesarean after nearly two days of unmedicated labour, my breastfeeding struggles, my weight-loss struggles, and a few stories about my period thrown in for good measure, just to gross you out.

but for now they will have to wait.

i am sleepy . . . and i’ve got a rare Abyssinian that’s just begging for an ass-whoopin’.

lede image © Bake450°


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