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Ye Olde Sesame Streete

sometime in the ’90s, Sesame Street began its devolution into its insufferable present-day incarnation, also known as The Elmo Show.

the Sesame Street of my youth not only DIDN’T HAVE an Elmo, it was chock full of kitchy, psychedelic, Muppety, stop-motion-y, Joe Raposo-y goodness.

gone, gone, all gone.  well okay, there are still Muppets, but they are a flimsy skeleton of the Muppetory from days of yore.

seriously, what happened to these guys?  none of my friends remember this song when i sing it to them:that’s no jive.

i used to go crazy dancing to this song whenever this aired:

“Rock-a-Bye Baby” always used to make me cry, so i sing this to my little girl instead:SO. DAMN. SWEET.

a couple more lovely Joe Raposo gems:

i still sing these songs all the time:

THIS is the stuff nightmares are made of (yet even as a kid, i could not look away):übermoogy.

and OH MY GOD YOU GUYS.  remember THIS?DUDE. this little girl is just walking around NYC with her llama like it’s nobody’s fuckin’ business.

i just watched this next video together with my daughter for the first time (and ten more times after that).  i consider this to be the pinnacle of James Taylor’s career.  it certainly was the pinnacle of his coolness.  i rediscovered it a few years ago when i was trawling the Web for some groovy old Sesame Street samples.check out the little Asian girl rockin’ out in the beginning! and the TUBA! it doesn’t get any better than this.

as expected, my little one loved it.  as expected, she smiled, danced and squealed when the kids sang along.


why is it that you can be doing something you’ve done a million times before, and JUST BECAUSE this one time you’re doing it with your kid . . .

“yes Peanut, Mommy’s crying.  isn’t that silly?”

does anyone else lament the loss of old-school Sesame Street? what are some of your favourite moments?

images and video © Children’s Television Workshop


One thought on “Ye Olde Sesame Streete

  1. “you breathe and eat and grow – and that is how you know”
    I smiled all the way thru that song!!

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