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stuff we like: NurturMe baby food

i first discovered NurturMe baby food while shopping at Babies’R’Us. from time to time, BRU sends out e-mails announcing special 1- or 2-day flash sales to their mailing list subscribers only. whenever there is a good sale on baby food, i’m SO THERE.

i’m really picky about buying baby food, and want to make sure i’m making the best, healthiest choices for my daughter. being a low-income single mom, i’m also aware that everything organic comes at a premium. all too often, “the best” is synonymous with “the most expensive.”


. . . but i’ll write more about my shopping and spending habits in another post. this post is about NurturMe baby food, which—i won’t lie—first caught my eye at BRU because it was on sale. yet even at full-price, each box contains 8 single-serving packets, and the cost of each serving is comparable to—if not less than—the price of other organic baby food jars and pouches.

what sets NurturMe apart from conventional prepared baby food is the fact that it’s dehydrated and milled into a fine powder. at first thought, the idea seems a little weird, but then it all begins to make perfect sense.

NurturMe powdered baby food can be reconstituted using breast milk, formula, moo milk, soy milk, water, or any other liquid. when weaning baby onto solids, moms must be careful to make up for any gaps in baby’s daily intake of nutrients, since solid foods by themselves are nowhere near as nutritionally complete and balanced as breastmilk and/or formula. but adding breastmilk or formula to NurturMe powdered cereals, fruits and veggies enriches them with these extra nutrients, so that they become more nutritionally complete meals than they would be on their own.

because i was only able to find NurturMe carrots at my local Babies’R’Us, and no other flavours, the awesome folks at NurturMe were kind enough to send me some other flavours to try. we received a packet each of peas, apples, quinoa cereal, squash-banana-kale blend, and sweet potato-oatmeal-banana blend, plus a package of Yum-a-roos dried fruit and veggie snack. (OMG MORE ON THAT LATER.)

here’s what we received. we wasted no time tearing into the Yum-a-roos.

Babycycle was a little constipated last week, so we started off with the apples and peas the first day, then moved to the veggie blends, and finished with the quinoa cereal on the last day. the texture can be a bit thick and pasty when mixed with only a liquid, so i mixed in some pureed fruit from a squeezy pouch, which also added in some extra fiber to help ease the constipizzle. the addition of pureed fruit makes the texture ultra creamy and custardy.

1) powder; 2) add liquid; 3) stir; 4) add pureed fruit; 5) YUM!

i always taste Babycycle’s food, just out of curiosity. NurturMe food actually tastes great to my mommy tastebuds, which is more than i can say for a lot of other baby foods. Baby was doing the “yumma-yumma dance” after the very first bite!

jazz hands.

in addition to all of the fabulous and exciting features of NurturMe mentioned above, it’s also greenly manufactured (and packaged), non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, kosher and made in the USA.  PLUS it’s lightweight and ultra-portable, which makes it great for moms-on-the-go. i always keep a few packets stashed in my diaper bag for an easily-prepared meal while away from home. when we’re done, i stash the empty packets and dirty wipes inside a bowl with a lid, so i can carry my trash home and throw it away later.

baby MRE.

NOW. AS FOR THE YUM-A-ROOS. we received a packet of Carribean Crop Yum-a-Roos, which was a mix of dehydrated peas, pineapples and bananas. it was hard for ME not to eat them all myself.

i’m just going to leave this gif here and let it do the talking.

NurturMe on Facebook
Caroline & Lauren (founders of NurturMe) on Twitter

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