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on Cheerios, Daniel Tiger, and racism [UPDATE]

so last month, this awesome Cheerios commercial came out, and the internet exploded with hate.

then the rest of the internet exploded with hatred for the haterz.

a few weeks passed.

then George Zimmerman was acquitted.

i can’t even.

then the Fine brothers released this Kids React installment, which restored my faith in humanity.


THEN this morning, i was watching Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood with my little one.  nothing in particular struck me as unusual until Daniel’s classmate Miss Elaina—a little black girl—was given a crayon by Lady Elaine Fairchilde (who i must say is lookin’ mighty fine these days and not at all like her scary-ass puppet counterpart), to whom she replied “Thanks, Mom!”

::needle scratches record::

wait, WHAT?


first i was like, “huh?”

and then i was all, “YEAH!”

THEN i thought, “oh shit.”

i quickly Googled “Daniel Tiger interracial” to see who else noticed the fact that Little Black Miss Elaina has a Big White Mom.  i wanted to see what kind of backlash there was, and why i hadn’t heard on the news that the Entire Internet was exploding with hate over an interracial relationship on a kids’ TV show.

and . . .

AND . . . . . . . . .





well, almost nothing.

there was only ONE relevant result on Google that mentioned race with regard to Miss Elaina’s family.  and that result was on the Facebook page for Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

Music Man Stan, his (pretty!) wife Lady Elaine Fairchilde, and their cute-ass daughter, Miss Elaina.

last August, this picture was posted on the Facebook page for the show, which has almost 13,000 likes.  as of today, this post introducing Miss Elaina’s mixed-race family has 33 likes, 29 shares and ONLY 12 COMMENTS (from 11 people). out of those 12 comments, only ONE mentions race, and not at all in a negative way. (somebody—a black male—wonders why Elaina isn’t more light-skinned, considering she’s biracial, which may be a tad ignorant but hardly mean-spirited.)

a little more internet scouring revealed this similar post introducing Miss Elaina’s family on the PBS Kids Facebook page, but again, the comments are overwhelmingly positive, with the vast majority not even mentioning race.

finally, i found this page, with a collection of comments from random internet posters about Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.  out of hundreds of comments, only ONE mentions race at all:

“PBSkids show Daniel Tiger has a kid with interracial parents. Kinda neat.”

meanwhile, there are SIX comments about the fact that Daniel Tiger does not wear any pants.

i wonder why the Cheerios ad caused such furor, and yet not one person on the entire internet has anything negative to say about Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and its crazy agenda promoting the mulattification of Amurrica.

OH YEAH. perhaps it’s because racist conservatives never watch PBS because “left-wing liberal biased blahblahblah” and “Bert and Ernie homo-sin-uality” and “derp derp cut funding for Big Bird” et cetera, so this must have slipped under their right-wing radar.


i think i’ll just shut up now and quietly tiptoe away before they catch on.

UPDATE (18 July)

so, just to be a bit more thorough in my research and to make sure i wasn’t naïvely missing anything in my Very Professional Expert Fact-Finding Mission, i searched “‘Daniel Tiger’ nigger” to see what kind of internet hate that might pull up.  here’s what i found (NOTE: my Assistant Researcher Google helpfully added “‘Daniel Tiger’ nigga” to the search terms in order to aid my investigation):

so there you have it, folks. my facepalm conceals a big smile hidden underneath, as my daughter joyfully dances and claps her hands to the Daniel Tiger theme song.


videos © General Mills, Benny & Rafi Fine
image © The Fred Rogers Company / The Corporation for Public Broadcasting


2 thoughts on “on Cheerios, Daniel Tiger, and racism [UPDATE]

  1. I thought I was the only one who noticed. I was watching Daniel Tiger with the kids and I think we saw that same episode where Miss Elaina called Lady Elane mom. I was surprised because as hardcore Mr. Rodgers stan since the late 70’s, I had no idea Lady Elane like the brothas. Also I LOVE the work that Lady Elane has had. It really has softened her whole look . . .

    • “I had no idea Lady Elaine like the brothas.”

      i know, right! 😀

      i think it’s great. any time mainstream pop culture acknowledges and embraces multi-racial relationships, especially in such a way that it’s totally no big deal, just a matter of fact, i ALWAYS notice.

      it really is the new normal, and it’s unfortunately under-represented in media and culture.

      props to PBS for being ahead of the curve and teaching our kids to embrace diversity!

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