on Cheerios, Daniel Tiger, and racism [UPDATE]
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on Cheerios, Daniel Tiger, and racism [UPDATE]

so last month, this awesome Cheerios commercial came out, and the internet exploded with hate. then the rest of the internet exploded with hatred for the haterz. a few weeks passed. then George Zimmerman was acquitted. i can’t even. then the Fine brothers released this Kids React installment, which restored my faith in humanity. FOR … Continue reading

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Vaguely Sinister Children’s Story Illustrations

Originally posted on Blend Images -THE BLOG!:
Yuko Shimizu is an award-winning Japanese illustrator based in New York City. Her work is some of the most intricate and beautiful illustrations I’ve seen in quite a while. Calling this series “Slightly Demented Children’s Stories” Shimizu explores that vein of children’s stories that take their cues from…